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Full page drawing of Tristan in armour on horseback slaying the dragon with his lance, with a magpie on a branch in the foreground.

Detail of a miniature of Tristan battling fourteen knights of the Round Table.

A portrait of the Evangelist Luke from the only Reims Gospel book written in gold.

Virgin Temple.jpg
An illumination of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple.

Full-page portrait of Mark in gold frame on purple background.

An illumination depicting the zodiac symbol for Pisces

UK Litany Page.jpg
A litany leaf containing the Litany and essential section of prayers.

An illumination depicting the zodiac symbol for Libra.

Seq. 19 - HRE.jpg
Laws of the Holy Roman Empire as inscribed by Johannes Waltpurg de Fridperg

Manuscript, in an unidentified hand, containing medical remedies attributed to Hippocrates.
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